Author, Scrabbler, Traveler

Dear Emil Rem,

Thank you for sending us your piece, Band Of Angels. We would like to publish it in our Summer 2021 issue of Flumes.

Please let us know if you have any updates you would like to make to the author bio you included in your cover letter.

Also, we’re asking each of our contributors to send us a brief statement (50-200 words) answering the question: What motivates, influences or directs the topic, format, and/or presentation of your piece(s)? You can make this specific to the piece(s) we’re publishing or your work more broadly.

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Congratulations and thanks again for sharing your work with us.


Noelle Ross

Flumes Editor


Band of Angels hangs upon two premises: first that kindness comes from unexpected sources and second that your past is interwoven with your present.

It’s the memory of a routine walk on Christmas Eve in Manhattan brought to light by siren calls of the past and the generosity of strangers.

My motivation to write came when the age-old influencers in my life began to die. Nothing remained to preserve their wisdom nor their eccentricities. My boys, carefree and pampered, had no idea of the importance of these influencers in preserving tolerance, respect and love in our society.

Beginning to lift the rock of writing at sixty, I didn’t know what I would find beneath. My first story turned into a dozen. All embracing the premises above.

Subtexts of the story include my love of books and food. While some readers enjoyed my descriptions of everything from the mundane to the exotic; others focused on the conundrum of right and wrong in life. What I loved was the lyricism of each word committed to paper.