Author, Scrabbler, Traveler

The manuscript for Heart Of New York was completed on April 20, 2020. Now we’re on the fun part- illustrations.

Wes Pohl, our illustrator, has been grappling for months with the cover and how to bring the essence of the book out onto one page of illustration. He came up with a dandy. Here it is:

A heart-shaped illustration depicting a wind-blown and snowy New York with the blistering gales swirling between the buildings as if tracing the path of the forlorn family, and a dismayed Emil in the foreground trying to make sense of it all as the wind blows off his toque and glasses, all the while his wife watches from the window of Essex House. Many of the city’s attractions are in the background, barren in the snowy winter.

The surprise to me, as the author, was how much of himself Wes invested in that illustration.

Here is his text explaining how:

It just occurred to me why I feel so connected to the cover. I think some of my own angst and frustrations with politics, the pandemic, my job and my band subconsciously show up when I look at the finished work.

Well done Wes. And thank you.