This series of beautifully written, heartfelt, and uniquely insightful stories take readers from England to Africa, from Canada to Cypress through the author’s skillful storytelling lens. Each seemingly lightheaded adventure provides a vivid backdrop for reflection on a bittersweet childhood split between Tanzania and foster care in England—and leaves readers to ponder the fine line between life’s smallest moments, and destiny.

In a refreshing touch, each chapter is illustrated and appended with an Author’s Note that brings an additional layer of backstory and discovery to each chapter.

Rem’s writing is playful and sensual…. Fans of travel stories will find Rem an engaging storyteller full of appealing reminiscences, and will learn something about everyday experience and lifelong learning as an immersed visitor through multiple cultures.
—BookLife (Publisher’s Weekly)

An evocative novel about the appeal of staying on the move.
—Kirkus Reviews

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